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बच्चे की भविष्यवाणी

Childless? Bring the Joys of Motherhood into Your Life

Most married women have a single dream; hope and desire-to becomes a mother. In fact, as soon as women get married, the pressure to bear children, especially a male heir, starts mounting on them. Some relatives and friends give hints and tease them about it while other not-so-subtle ones make direct inquiries. If there is a delay of a few years, even husbands are not spared. Their friends, colleagues and elderly relatives openly ask them if there is a problem which then turns into a very embarrassing situation.

Acharya Indu Prakash Mishra has a few simple remedies. Which if practiced on a daily basis, can bring the joy of parenthood into the lives of depressed and frustrated couple.

Do you pine for child ? Is your married life incomplete because it lacks the pitter-patter of little feet and the innocent joys of childhood? Are you depressed because of the incessant nagging by your-in-laws to bear a child?

Acharya Ji will help solve your problem and get rid of the marital woes caused by childlessness. He will conduct a special pooja with the involvement of al close family members so they too feel that they have contributed in getting rid of your terrible burden. Acharya Ji will also be able to predict the approximate time when you would get pregnant and tell you certain ways to make your pregnancy an auspicious one.

If there is pressure on you to bear a male child, he will tell you how you could accomplish this feat and make your in-laws happy. If the problem lies with your husband, he will use his knowledge of the occult sciences to reduce the negative influence on him so that a child is conceived. Acharya Ji also be able to discern if there is any other external negative influence that is preventing you from becoming a mother and he will use his power to get rid of it. For Example, if someone has cast a spell on due to jealousy or it is a case of the evil eye.

Acharya Ji is there for you in your times of trouble .He will do everything possible to make sure that your dream of becoming a mother/parent comes true. !

So don’t give up hope and keep striving to achieve your dream. Stay strong; get rid of the negative, and one day you will too become a parent.

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