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Sunsign descriptions
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Sun-signs have always interested millions of people around the world. There are many who religiously follow the Horoscope column in the newspapers, but there are also others who read them just out of interest without really believing in them.

Sun-signs have always been one of the favourite topics of conversation. When you are building a friendship with someone, you tend to ask “When is your birthday?” and your new friend might reply, “Oh, it’s on 17th of January”... you pause for a moment placing the person and then come up with, “Nice... so, you’re a Capricorn!” and the conversation flows into discussion of zodiac signs, moon sign, so on and so forth.

Now, you can have a brief tour of the 12 Sun-Signs… Some bits of it, you will already know, some bits will be new. Enjoy your tour!


ARIES [March 21st – April 20th]

Aries is the baby of the Zodiac Signs. Seriously, if you have an Aries friend, you might have noticed baby-like qualities in him. Yes, he does appear to be strong, confident and a wee bit aggressive… but under all that is a tiny infant hiding. Don’t believe it? Check when Aries is in an irritable or sad mood. You will catch him either – sulking, or having a tantrum or just sitting in stony silence. It doesn’t last for long though, before you know it, he will be happily humming a melody!

These honest and outspoken people are not afraid of standing up against a crowd. When they strongly believe in something, they will stand by it, no matter what the circumstances are. Which brings us to – loyalty. Aries is known for their loyalty. And this includes everything in their life – family, friends, work, hobbies… that inbred loyalty never leaves their side.

Ever generous, the sun sign Aries loves handing out money wherever he feels it’s right. They can be a bit extravagant by nature but it’s all in good cause and kindness. But be careful on getting too used to his kindness, if Aries finds anyone crossing the limits of his friendly nature, take this warning - He Won’t Stand It! Being a firebrand and that too, the First Fire Sign in the Zodiac, you can expect a total volcanic display of anger. It will pass quickly though, the typical Aries cools down as quickly as his anger was roused and he holds no grudges against anyone.

Now, didn’t all of that remind you of an adorable kid… playing around, doing things as they like and overall charming anyone they meet? Aries with his strange mix of innocence and forcefulness makes a distinct impression on people they come across in life. You will find this intelligent being hovering around plans, strategies and creative tasks. Their sharp minds always reach out to keep churning out ideas and schemes. Most of them seriously believe in the phrase – “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

Patience however, isn’t framed in them… impulsive and on speed most of the time, they like to start and finish activities as fast as possible. The same rule applies when it comes to mixing with other people. They find it a bit difficult to get along with people who are slow on the uptake. Time is of utmost importance to them and they like to use time to its greatest potential in order to move on to the next item on their schedule.

The brave Aries keeps moving onward… he jumps over obstacles and he’ll pack tons of determination, dedication, energy and will power to get where he wants to go.

Aries is the leader [First Zodiac Sign], setting new paths, thinking up new ideas, setting up new standards and involving people with his plans; he forges on with utmost faith and confidence in himself. He knows that - He Can Do It!


TAURUS [April 21st - May 21st]

When you think about the sun sign Taurus, there are two main images that come to mind - One: the image of a strong bull, looking solidly at you, its feet firmly set in the ground, waiting to charge. The other image is of a huge tree - spreading its branches of care and love, its roots going deep down under the soil, and spreading far and wide, so that when a strong wind blows, the tree remains unshaken. Taureans are just like that bull and that tree.

The above characteristics can be seen on most of Taurus people. A serious, sensible look with steady eyes, never wavering. These qualities actually sums up the whole of their personality. Dependable and conservative in most of their dealings, Taurus is the epitome of faithfulness.

Their slightly stubborn natures however, may cause a few tensions here and there. But be clear on this point - they get stubborn very rarely. Plus also note, their stubbornness arises when something of value to them is threatened in any way. Until then, they are peace-loving people, content in their warm, sentimental homes.

If you have a friend who’s zodiac sign is the Taurus, you would know by now, that he is most comfortable when he is at home. The phrase “Home is where the heart is” fits the Taurean perfectly. They make thoughtful and kind family people, who are always around when you need a helping hand.

Their authentic senses are quite well refined and you will see it exhibited in their choice of art, craft, music and decor. The same goes when it comes to cuisines. Taurus people appreciate a good layout of food. They happily munch on good food preparations that are put in front of them and finish it and then sit back with great satisfaction. Look at a Taureans face after he’s had a good, long meal and you will know what I mean.

In love, they will wait for the other party to come to him... he is attractive, why wouldn’t anyone go to him? Plain, simple logic - defines a Taurus person. Though a Taurus isn’t much in line with logic, people in this sun sign are more practical and level-headed than logical. You will notice these traits when it come to career and business dealings. Keep your eyes open for it.

The element Earth is sprinkled over people of this sun sign. Stable, just and affectionate are some of the qualities that make up a sturdy Taurean. Look at him standing there, his feet firmly rooted to the ground [earth], his eyes watching you steadily and a slow, warm smile greeting you. That’s a Taurean, my friend, waiting patiently for you!


GEMINI [May 22nd - June 21st]

Something zooms past you at top jet speed... you wonder if it’s a super car, a high-tech bike or just a super-hero... well, it’s none of those [it could be, but it’s not] - it’s your ever friendly Gemini! You will see these enigmatic creatures always on their feet... most of the times they will be running... god knows for what reason. Their thoughts keep changing like the speed of light that sometimes even they skip a few thoughts ahead to land up in a place they never thought of going to in the first place!

These bright conversationalists can chatter away about any random topic under the sun... and you won’t even get bored with their chatter because of their pleasing musical voices. They are the mysterious magicians - their thoughts, the way the talk, their actions, their visions - there’s a kind of magic in all of that and the Gemini knows very well how to charm you.

True intellectuals that they are, they love every opportunity that allows them to put their unique, out of the world ideas forward, they take up the chances that come their way to give an impressive display of witty lines that instantly makes them a hit with almost anyone they meet!

Now, Gemini being the sun sign that represents Twins, these people are very good at multi-tasking. They will answer the phone, write out a book review, eat their lunch, make several different appointments with clients plus dress themselves to go out all in the same time frame! Pretty neat, huh?

People in this sun sign rarely sit down at something for a stretch of time. their inquisitive, information seeking minds hover around fro one topic to another, never really settling down. This trait also represents itself when it comes to friends, love, marriage, hobbies and work. But remember, exceptions are always there - it also depends on their birth charts.

Gemini people are excellent at convincing, persuading and [some might say] brain-washing others. They have that knack, the ability and the skill - if you know a Gemini, next time around listen to him, as he gently presents his theories and charmingly convinces the other party toward his idea. They are quick about it, like all of their other actions and movements - so keep your radar on to pick up this signal.

The Gemini could probably be called a Chameleon - he keeps changing his colours, thoughts, ideas, habits so fast and frequently. But deep down inside, he is the same person he always has been. Keep that in mind when you meet this unpredictable person next time, i.e. if he happens to zoom past you again!


CANCER [June 22nd - July 23rd]

In the soft whispers of the night, when the glassy moon shines through the web of clouds - there you will find a solitary person, gazing silently into the darkness. This solitary person in most cases, would be born under the sun sign Cancer. These people are strongly associated with the moon. Just like the way a moon goes through phases, so does the Cancerian’s mood change from time to time.

However, don’t confuse them with the sun sign Gemini, with Gemini - the thoughts keep changing, however, with Cancer - their moods and emotions go up and down most of the time! Cancer can vary from rocking happy to dismally sad to super irritated to total crankiness all within an hour or two. These sensitive souls shield themselves sometime with a calm, detached air that fools most people. Inside they are truly gentle, lovable people.

When they are hurt or in one of their pessimistic moods, they will withdraw from society and crawl to safety and warmth into their shell. In such cases, they will be silent for days... It won’t help if you try getting them out of that shell, they will stubbornly stay inside. They come out once they are over whatever took over their minds and hearts.

Now people born under this sun sign have another trait - crabby. They occasionally fall into this mood and get all cranky and irritable with the world around the. Don’t take it personally, he’s not being crabby at you... it’s just one of those cranky days for him and it will pass soon enough!

Have you ever read poetry written by a Cancerian? If you haven’t, please do read. These people have a strong sense of imagery and when they write or express it in their artistic forms - it comes out beautifully - you can almost sense and feel the depth of their feelings. Compassionate beings that they are, they treasure and value relationships deeply. Which brings us to that well known trait of Cancer - possessiveness. If you get a chance, watch a crab moving around trying to get to an object - once the object is in its clutches, it just will not let go. It will cling to that object tightly. The same behaviour is displayed with the human Crabs [Cancerians] - when it comes to jobs, family, friends, spouses and hobbies. Those elements that are most dear to him, he will never let them out of his sight. EVER!

These home-loving and helpful people are always around to lend a helping hand when needed. Their soft hearts reach out to those in need of help [though they may first wait to see if anyone else is offering a hand]. Speaking about hands, when it comes to the matter of money, you can be assured that money in a Cancerian’s hand is the safest place it can be in [besides the bank of course]. They have a knack for managing finances and they are really good at it.

If you ever come across a person with a variety of moods, you can be sure that you are meeting an eccentric Cancerian. He’s the same person underneath despite the changes on the out. Understand him and you will be treated to visions of fantasy!


LEO [July 24 - August 23rd]

Just like a lion, people born under the sun sign of Leo exhibit the characteristic qualities and behaviour of a lion. When they step into a room, they do so with a royal stride, their heads will be held up high and they will march in confidently. there are some shy lions too, but even they will have royal gestures now and then.

These extroverts will take charge in any situation - you will mostly find them up on a stage, spouting out statements and commands. They love advising people on how to live their lives in the correct way. No one really minds it, because Leo sincerely strives to help people get to the finer things in life. It may hurt and sting when Leo points out your flaws but it’s all done out of generosity - Leo likes to see others happy - that’s all there is to it!

There’s one distinct quality that everyone notices about a Leo person and that is - Pride. Well, like the rest of us Leo’s are proud people, only thing is that they have a slightly higher dosage of Pride compared to thee rest of us [non-Leos]. When you ignore his advice or if you don’t show much respect for his intellect, the Lion can get his pride pretty wounded. Who wouldn’t? But of course, the Lion, being dramatic will pull on the most agonizing sulks and exaggerated long faces that you just can’t help but try to heal his wounds by praising him a bit. Flattery works like an instant cheer-up solution on Leo’s. It may take a while but in the end, he’ll be back to his sunny self - just don’t overdo the flattery though.

The Leo’s may frighten a few people with their forthright statements but remember they are a reservoir of sympathy and compassion. They’ll have several loyal friends around them plus a string of love affairs [Leo’s have a lengthy list of admirers]. Being the ruler supreme, they love to stand on their own two feet and don’t see much excitement in depending on others for anything much.

Lovers of luxury, comfort and style, Leo’s adore anything which gives them the three mentioned above. He is the leader, the ruler, the King, the Lion - he has to be surrounded with that regal atmosphere, right? You will find their homes too done up with exquisite taste and ornamentation. Plus, he’s a fabulous host, if you are invited to his party - do not turn the invitation down or you will miss out on the most lavish treatment ever! The food, the ambiance, the company - all will be from the finest reaches of society. Such whiffs of experience doesn’t come daily.

A Leo is always there to help and guide people. You may have to put up with a bit of haughtiness and straight-forward truths that may cause you some stabs in the heart, but it’s all for your good in the end. People born under this sun sign will faithfully stand by your side to see you through all kinds of weathers. Plus you will enjoy yourself, the Leo’s will always have a merry time going on - so you will always be entertained by these fine individuals!

Hail the mighty Leo’s !!


VIRGO [24th August to 23rd September]

Virgo’s are one of the easiest signs to recognise... face-wise. Most of them have delicate features, almost angelic - you can almost see a Halo around their heads, with angel wings sprouting from behind... but stop right there. They may look every bit an angel but they can be as naughty as pixies if they want to. Still, most of them bring this breath of calmness when they enter anywhere.

These quiet souls will mostly be found lurking around the corners of a room or else, they will be helping people sweetly. They may not mix around with people at the word ‘GO’ but with their fine sense of communication, they often have people around them, listening attentively to what they say. It’s a special charm that Virgo’s possess!

People born under the sun sign Virgo have a clear sense of who they are, where they want to go, what they want to do and how they want to get it done. Their methodical minds, portrays a step-by-step vision for them to get to where they want to go. Plus add mounds of patience and dedication and you will see why so many Virgo’s meet with success in most of their endeavours.

Grace and dignity is reflected on most Virgo natures. Anything they do or say is sprinkled with grace and dignity... they also have their moments of craziness though. Don’t let that angelic face deceive you - Virgo people can be the wittiest, craziest and the most hilarious people at times... they can’t really beat Gemini’s at it, but they are close to it. That Virgo sense of humour when it pops out, can make you drop down on your knees while you laugh out loudly... Don’t laugh too much though, tears of laughter may come rolling down.

Dependable and sincere, Virgo’s take on every job with a good sense of responsibility. They will not shirk from their duties and will see a project right to the end. They may worry a lot in between... they are good at it... everything has to be perfect, right? Everything has its place, one small item out of line can spoil the whole system - that goes for the Virgo’s life too. Everything has its own place. The systematic, rational and intelligent Virgo’s are pro's at maintaining everything in top order. If things don’t go as planned, well, lets just say a mini-volcano may explode but it cools down fast enough.

Money is not a worry with Virgo’s. They keep a neat account of their income, expenditures [which is not much] and savings [which might be quite a bit]. They spend wisely and are not frivolous with cash. So, financially, they are always secure. They are warm lenders though, especially if it is a friend. Of course, it will be accounted for in the little book that he carries around with him.

The main trait that all - seriously, All Virgo’s possess is that they criticize you as much as they criticize themselves. They are never satisfied with how they look, or how the table-cloth is put, or the angle at which the painting is hung. His sharp eyes, notices all this and he’ll strive to make things look just right. Even the clock has to be set to the accurate second. And if you have a Virgo friend, you will know by now how particular they can be about time. Wastage of time is almost scandalous to them. So remember, be punctual.

Virgo’s are gentle souls with a frost-like appearance. Warm and friendly from inside, they may not be expressive with their emotions, but it’s there - in every act that he does for you and for others. Watch him as he steps forward to lend a helping hand to someone in need, or the way he picks up a baby and tries to make it laugh. See that sweet, almost hesitant smile that can break out into a huge, wide grin suddenly? That is a Virgo - in all his purity, innocence and practicality.


LIBRA [24th September to October 23rd]


The peace-makers - that’s what Librans are... however, their top favourite hobby is - Debating. That’s a trademark for most of them - they will start at the drop of a hat, they may debate with others or else they will debate with themselves - but they will Debate. It’s like they are born to do it.


Keep in mind though, that the debate is just so that they can get to an unbiased and just decision about a particular topic. The end aim is - Peace - even though it won’t be peaceful while they sort out their thoughts. Confusing? That’s what most Librans feel about themselves too. It’s a bit difficult for them to decide anything, and I mean - Anything!


Let’s see a sample of how the Libran’s mind works - The sky will look cloudy too them, with a bit of sunshine peeping out - the following thoughts will go on in their heads - “It looks cloudy, maybe I should take the umbrella”... “but, there’s a bit of sun too, so should I leave the umbrella at home?”... “But suppose it suddenly starts raining?”... “Or maybe it won’t rain... should I carry the umbrella?”... “If it rains and I don’t have the umbrella, my hair will get wet.. ugh, how dreadful I’ll look... maybe I should take it along!”.. and so on the debate will go on until they find more logic in one of the arguments and decide on going with it. They carry this trait in every area of their life.


People in this sun sign love examining all sides to any situation. They look at it from every corner and point and then finally come to a decision... it may take quite some time but in the end, at least the decision will be well-founded.


Moving on, Librans are one of the most beautiful people you will ever see. They mostly have a well shaped face, with pretty features and add a sweet voice to that and you will see why these people have so many admirers. They always are well dressed - Librans are all about beauty... go see their homes - it will be decked with the most beautifully carved furniture, with soft lighting's - it’s a nice homey feel that you will experience!


Most of the times, these harmonious souls will flit around lightly, calming down people, settling squabbles and mediating when a battle gets too loud. You can see that they love seeing people working happily together, any disruption upsets them. Even at home. While doing the above, they may get into some arguments themselves but they will sort everything out and everyone will go back to being happy and jolly.


There’s a very simple way of getting along with a Libran - Do not give him a choice and do not disagree with him. The moment you give Libra a choice, the indecision begins and the moment you contradict his views, he’ll start on a long speech against your view... in between he may agree with your original view too.


Helpful, thoughtful, level-headed and pleasant - Librans dash around happily - like Life is a garden... they will most of the times hand you pretty, delicious smelling flowers... and will put things in order for you.


Librans are quite the sweethearts - and like I said before - they have quite a lot of admirers - because, behind all that beauty, they possess - sharp minds, intelligent thinking and sound judgement. Quite a nice ‘balance’, don’t you think?




SCORPIO [October 24th to November 22nd]


Magnetic influence - is what most Scorpios carry around with them. You can almost feel that weird strong pull when you meet a Scorpio for the first time. Most of them maintain a calm, placid face... you won’t see too many Scorpio’s laughing out loud or dramatizing around in public. Private individuals that they are, Scorpio won’t let out too many of his personal feelings and views to the mass. His thoughts are his Only. Period.


Secretive by nature, people in this sun sign can ferret out other people’s secrets without really being too inquisitive. Maybe it’s because they are so secretive that most people feel their secrets will be safe with Scorpio - and it will be. Just like the Scorpio is tight-lipped about his private thoughts, he also respects other peoples secrets and keeps it just like that - a Secret.


Weirdly, many people get scared of Scorpio - maybe because of their tales of ‘possessiveness’. It’s true, they can be extremely possessive about things they highly value. Who isn’t possessive? It’s just that with Scorpio’s they take the level to a higher notch. You can’t do much about it though. Scorpio will take the utmost care of the object he possesses - he values it, remember?


Talking about values, people born under this sun sign have a clear sense of values, morals and ethics. Sometimes, the values, morals and ethics may not match social standards, but being Scorpio, what the society thinks, doesn’t affect him much. For Scorpio, this is his universe, his world and his life - how does society come into the picture then?


Scorpio’s may not mingle around as such, but they have their trusty circle of friends. Scorpio picks his friends very carefully - they have to gain his respect and loyalty to be with him... he has quite a bunch of enemies too.. but most of the times his enemies will try and stay as far as possible from him - you would not want to get onto the wrong side of a Scorpio. Trust me!


Just like the legendary Scorpio sting - the human Scorpion too, will know where exactly to sting you - and it will hurt - quite painfully, till you burn with it. But besides that, they are extremely thoughtful people. If you are friends with a Scorpio, you would know that. They may pass comments that may tear your heart apart, but it’s the truth - and the truth is often bitter... Scorpio just wants you to know what the real thing is - he doesn’t really mean to hurt you. For Scorpio, if you can’t take the truth, just cover your ears and run off somewhere.


Intelligent, mystic, deeply faithful and full of desire to delve into the unknown parts of our world and life - these nocturnal creatures strive at all times to discover and reach truths yet hidden from mankind. You will see, that most of them are intensely interested in the occult, the dark and psychic realms out there. It’s a big fascination with them.


They have a shadowy beauty about them - in all that they do... it’s strongly attractive and it draws you closer and closer to them... you look into those dark, mysterious eyes of theirs and the powerful depths in there suck you in... unlocking for you the truths that you never knew were there before.


With that seductiveness about them - Scorpio will simply make you drown - and while you drown, you will be revived and lifted up to the highest planes of life that you’ve never seen before. Magnetism - that’s all it takes!

SAGITTARIUS [November 23rd to December 21st]

An alternative title to Sagittarians can be ‘The Clowns’, and they really are... most of the time you will find these people cracking a joke, or pulling someones legs or performing hilarious antics, all in all, entertaining everyone present there. Another thing you will notice is, that Sagittarians will mostly be surrounded by loyal onlookers - who will be waiting for his next Act.
Gregarious by nature, these straightforward people will tell you exactly what’s on their mind when they meet you. There’s no running around the bush here - whatever they have to say, they will say it in a direct forthright manner. Plus remember, they may hurt you without really knowing it. They don’t mean to be mean, it’s just that they feel that truth and honesty are the most important values ever and they promote it as much as possible even though, several people can’t stand the shock of facing the realistic truths.
That brings us to another point - Lies. Deception, falsities and cheating - you won’t find these hovering around a Sagittarian. They can’t stand such qualities and nor do they practice them. These people are great at sniffing out lies and deception - if they sense any of these around, you can expect a colourful display of fireworks from a Sagittarian. They’re anger is aroused quite quickly, but it subsides equally fast too. Sagittarians don’t harbour grudges - it’s just that at the moment of firecrackers exploding, nearly everyone will be hiding safely in corners or under desks.
For the most of the time, Sagittarians are happy-go-lucky people, with a fine sense of humour, child-like qualities and buckets of generosity. They are always ready to help - in fact, they will be among the first ones [besides Virgo] to jump in and pitch a helping hand - and that hand will be a pretty big one. I mentioned generosity above, didn’t I? Well, Sagittarian generosity stretches to every little bit of his gestures, words and actions. He’ll be there for you, whenever you need him. Deep loyalty is ingrained in people born under this sun sign and you will get several examples of it in your acquaintance with a Sagittarian.
Sagittarians are one of the most positive and optimistic people among the sun signs. You may find them downcast on rare days [everyone has a bad day now and then] but even then the Archer will look at you and say confidently, “I know it will get better.” And not most of us can look forward to a bleak future with so much confidence as a Sagittarian does. Maybe it’s because they are deeply philosophical - if you ever enter into a discussion with a Sagittarian, I bet you that the conversation will curiously wind itself to the philosophical realms. It’s quite an enjoyable experience because unlike a Libran, the Sagittarian won’t debate with you - instead, he will listen to what you have to say - he values your words you know!
So there you have it - a total idealist with amazing dreams. A Sagittarian is filled with innocence yet is clever enough to navigate his way through troubled waters. When you look at him u won’t be able to decide what he is - A merry joker? A dangerous opponent? A guileless child? or A charming human being? I’ll leave that for you to decide. Have a marvellous and a super entertaining time with this spirited sun sign!!

CAPRICORN [December 22nd to January 20th]


Capricorn people have a quiet charm about them. You will mostly find Capricorns standing silently in a corner of a party. They may not mix around too much with people but in their own way they get to know others.
Highly ambitious and deadly practical, people in this sun sign have dedicated focus on their goals. You won’t find such strong dedication in any other sun sign. When Capricorns have a certain destination in mind, they will ignore distractions, jump lightly and carefully over obstacles and plod without ever letting their destination out of their sight or for that matter out of their minds. While they are at this, you will notice other forceful, aggressive sun signs, leaping and bounding ahead of Capricorn and you feel that the Capricorn has no chance against them. But don’t be deluded, just recount the story of ‘the hare and the tortoise’ and apply it to Capricorn and the other sun signs. Like the hare, the other sun signs may bound ahead but Capricorn, like the tortoise will work his way steadily and will reach the destination first, against all odds.
You can easily recognise a Capricorn person by an aura of melancholy that surrounds them. Quiet, reserved, taciturn and serious - they stick to their business and do not meddle in others affairs. However, they know quite a lot of people’s secrets... no, they do not ferret the secrets out, it’s just that Capricorns are so trustworthy and are soothing listeners that people feel instinctively safe with them and hence, pour out their secrets to these dependable people. Capricorns are great at keeping secrets - partly cause they don’t jabber nineteen to the dozen, but more than that, these people actually understand the meaning of ‘respecting people and their privacy’. He alone may have a thousand secrets of his own, but he rarely lets them out. Those secrets are his own and no one else’s.
Now when most people hear about Capricorns, one of the first thing to hi their minds is the connection between Capricorn and money. Now like the rest of us, even Capricorns of course appreciate income, currency and notes... but most tend to associate Capricorns of being money-hungry. While that is not true, it should be clarified that Capricorns understand the value and security that finance presents, more than any other sun sign. Being practical by nature, they know how to handle money and are well aware that money will help them rise to the top a bit faster than otherwise. Do take note, Capricorns are not after ‘Power’, they just like scaling rough terrain bravely and love the feeling of reaching the summit. You could say, they get a high out of it!
Forever reliable, consistently faithful, tremendously loyal, your personal secret-keeper, perfectly sensible, realistic and wise beyond his years - your Capricorn friend will always be there, yes he may be busy trying to reach that mountain peak but he will always have time for you - and best of all, he will go along with any crazy plans of yours! How cool is that?

AQUARIUS [January 21st to February 19th]

Breezy, unconventional, futuristic and friendly - Aquarians are all of this and more. These people will scrutinize you with those penetrating eyes of theirs.. of course it will make you feel a bit uncomfortable at times but don’t worry, that’s just the way Aquarians work. They find anything and everything interesting, you will find them unearthing secrets and reasons to all that comes their way. It’s fascinating really to see someone so deeply interested in the tiniest details of everyday things.
Due to this interest of theirs, Aquarians develop highly intellectual and knowledgeable minds from gathering so much information. They may stay vaguely aloof from people but unpredictability being most Aquarians middle name, you will suddenly find them in the midst of a crowd dancing about. Trust me, you can never tell what an Aquarian will do next. They’re unpredictability is almost similar to that of Gemini’s.
If these eyes aren’t busy x-raying your character, they will have a misty look about them - which signifies only one thing, that the Aquarian is lost in his dreamland... Don’t disturb him at that time... his fantasy land supplies him with as much information as does the real world. You’ve probably heard about the Aquarians knack of coming up with crazy, unique, out-of-this-world ideas, well, most of them come from this inner resource of theirs.
These souls love flitting around from here to there - finding something new, poking about it, analysing it and then moving on o the next interesting item that has caught their eyes. It’s the same with a project they are given to handle. Until the last  moment you will never know where the Aquarian is going with his ideas, his research and results. Aquarian minds seem to have the habit of thinking up several ideas at a time, leaving the rest of the team to figure out how to bridge those wide gaps between ideas.
Independant and free.. Aquarians love to go on solitary walks every now and then - it helps them process their thoughts better. These intellectuals will mix around with varied sorts just to imbibe interesting information that might help them in whatever ‘projects’ they pursue.
Aquarians even though they keep a distance from their loved ones, are completely loyal to them. They just need their space but that doesn’t mean that they love their close ones any less. Since their so keen on understanding human behaviour, they will listen patiently to you! Now how many people actually do that?
So there you are, with your Aquarian companion - forever on the move, to new ideas and new experiences, needling around, attempting to understand this world. In the meantime, they will also dream a thousand fantastic dreams and go to a future only they know will happen!! Exciting, eccentric, friendly, funny and loyal - treasure this unique Sun Sign, if you have them in your life.

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