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What is Astrology-

‘astrology is a powerful tool for self-understanding. it is a long established method of exploring ourselves, our relationship and our place within this world. A horoscope works by taking  into  consideration the significant the significant environmental influences operating in a particular place at a given time. Your horoscope can be a counselor, friend and analyst all rolled into one! A horoscope from an experienced astrologer can give a clear & precise analysis of the charts, in non- technical language that anyone can understand.

Is astrology Scientific ?

The answer is “Yes”   as well as “No”. Astrology ,like medicine ,is Art based on Science.

Science has always sought to discover the underlying principles that govern the appearance and behavior  of atomic particles to the movement of galaxies. These very scientific observations and calculation are used in astrology to generate the framework of meaningful, Symbolic patterns. These patterns  reveal a lot about the way our universe ,our world is constructed. They help us analyze, explain and predict emotional, social, political, and many other important aspects of life on earth. The art side of astrology believes that all things in this Universe are intimately and deeply connected. The world that we see and experience is more like a “Being” than a “Thing”. The whole world and its inhabitants are linked together like a body and its cells, the well being of one depends on the well being of the other

Identifying the signs of the Zodiac

The sign that the Sun occupied at the moment of your birth is the most basic astrological fact about you. It defines your ego, motivations, needs, and approach to life. But the Sun is not the only planet that affects you.(For astrological purposes, both luminaries – the sun and the moon – called planets.)Mercury ,Venus ,Mars ,Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, not to mention the moon, represent distinct types of energy that express themselves in the style of the sign they are in.

Horoscope is a map of sky over your birthplace ,at the exact time you were born.It is just as much you’re the exact time you were born. It is just as your identity as your signature , or your fingerprints. The symbolism of your horoscope outlines incredibly accurate meanings for your life , your relationship and your future.


Tantric Astrology incorporates  Ayurveda , the study of Mantra ,yatra and tantra applications. Jyotish investigates the influence of the planets as they shed light on the meaning of our lives, the predictable ups and downs we experience, and the nature of our karma as it unfolds in each incarnation. A Tantric Astrology reading provides a detailed overview of your samskaras, purpose and evolutionary possibilities.Tantra are combined to offer clients a mandala of assistance in their search for serenity , sound action and genuine spiritual growth


Medical Astrology is a proved and invaluable diagnostic tool that leads to speedy recovery and lasting cares.Once a person knows to what diseases he is primarily suspectible , he can guard against them from the beginning and thus live a long and healthy life.

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