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Career to Choose
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Careers Blues: Get the Promotion You Desire

It is dream of every working professional to get treated right, just like the lyrics of that famous Donna Summer song .However, it is only the select few who get promoted and rise up the corporate ladder in any organization. Acharya Indu Prakash Mishra will you defeat your competitor and get that elusive promotion!

Why does it happen only to you? All around you your so-called friend are moving into bigger house. Buying more expensive more expensive cars and going on exotic foreign vacation while you are stuck in the same rut. Why has job success eluded you? After all, you have worked as hard as them.

You want to impress your wife and her relatives. You want your parents to be proud of you .You want your children to study in expensive school and give them the best that life has to offer.

But all your effort has been in vain as other take credit for your hard work and became your bosses. How can you overcome this self-defeatist process and put your career back on track? First, you need to ask yourself whether you want more money or fulfillment in your career.

With Acharya Ji’s simple remedies, your career will get a much –needed boost. Soon, you will be the cynosure of all eyes and earn the respect of your family and friends.

Acharya Ji will make accurate predictions about your careers, which will help you plan your job growth in the current financial year. This will give you an edge over your competitors. He also has effective yantras that will bless your professional life. If you are planning to change your job or be part of a new business venture, Acharya Ji will inform you about the right time to make move and whether the change will be a favorable one!

You will learn about any problem that may crop up and easy ways to tackle them beforehand .You will also get useful advice on how to maintain relationship with your juniors and seniors and make them work to your advantage. Getting into the good books of yours boss will ensure that the next promotion is yours.

At times, a simple name change is enough to usher prosperity and financial well –being. If you still have any specific questions or concerns, they will be addressed so that your mind is without fear and at peace.

        So, drive away your career blues and get the position you deserve….


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Wishing you a great day ahead.

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