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Janmashtami Bhajans
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Janmashtami Bhajans

Mantra for Krishna Ji
Aum Namah Bhagvate Vasudevay Namah
(ॐ नमः वासुदेवाय नमः)

Remedy (Upay / उपाय)
Janmashtami is good for getting close with your old friends or get better the broken relations. If you want to eradicate coldness between friends or do away with detachments between relations, you can follow the remedy mentioned below:

Take a white paper and write the (other) person's name on it using red pen/ink. Fold the paper and put it inside the flute. After that, seal both the sides of flute with sugar or "khand" (a sweet tasting substance) and bury this flute in some quiet place.

Janmashtami is incomlete without bhajans. Few bhajans are dedicated to Lord Krishna are as follows:
Shyam chudi bechne aaya
Manihari ka bhesh banaya,
Shyam chudi bechne aaya
Chhaliya ka bhesh banaya,
Shyam chudi bechne aaya
Chhaliya ka bhesh banaya
Shyam chudi bechne aaya
Galiyon mein shor machaya,
Shyam chudi bechne aaya.

Mere Pyare Madan Gopal
Choti choti gaiyan,
chote chote gawaal,
chote se mere,
madan gopal mor mukut mathe saaje,
gale mein swaranmaal,
chote se mere madan gopal Kaano mein karanphool,
haathon mein ratnajadhit hath haar,
chote se mere madan gopal pitamber saaje tan pe,
uspe sundar motiyon ki maal chote se mere madan gopal pairon mein jhanjhar sohe,
jab nache hari angana dwaar.
Chote se mere madan gopal Bhaye sab ke mann ko bal gopal,
Karke solah shringar, chote se mere Madan Gopal.

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