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Ignorance is the cause of melancholy in the world
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Ignorance is the cause of  melancholy in the world

Happiness and sorrow are the two forms of life. As time keeps changing in the world and day comes after night and night comes after the day naturally; similarly in our life, cycle of happiness and sorrows runs one after the.

When happiness enters the life of people, everyone is very happy, however when melancholy comes, then same people becomes worried and distressed. When we imagine something then we wish that it will get fulfilled for sure but when that wish does not get fulfilled then we find others responsible for it. We do not leave even the Almighty in such cases as a result of which we feel the distress. But the thing to remember is that after we experience a few minutes of sadness, we place happiness aside and start weeping for the things that we have not received. Why do we cry? What is the actual reason for all this? The reason behind all this melancholy is our ignorance. Ignorance means lack of knowledge. Where there is no knowledge and wisdom, ignorance comes on that place automatically. We categorise sorrow into two types. First is physical pain and the other is mental pain and both have ignorance and lack of knowledge as its cause. Physical pain has been termed as 'vyadhi' and mental anguish is termed as 'aadhi'. Both these types of pain can be eliminated by enlightenment or by lighting the candles of knowledge and wisdom. Happiness and sadness comes with time in the life of all the individuals but the important thing is that how you handle such situation under any adverse circumstances or when you are ecstatic. When you gain knowledge, you have experience happiness, peace and prosperity. However in the absence of knowledge, you experience gloominess, stress, mental anguish and trouble like issues. For this reason it is highly important that you eliminate the clouds of ignorance from your life. Due to ignorance and lack of intellect we even fail to see the most significant things existing in our life and lose the most precious things. This thing can be easily understood by the conversation of a saint Ramkrishna Paramhans. Once Paramhansji was offering lecture to all his disciples. He called Narendra (Swami Vivekananad ji) and said-“Assume that you are a fly and you have nectar in front of you in a bowl. Then what you will do? Will you merely touch it or will jump in the nectar”? Then Vivekanand ji said, “I will merely touch it while sitting on its sides”. It's because if I jump in it, I will lose my life”. Then Ramkrishnaji said- “O foolish person!, If merely the touch of the nectar can lead you to immortality then how you can imagine that you will die if you jump in it. Remember, death will even run away from immortality if you jump in the nectar”. This conversation shows that till the time, you do not completely dedicate your life towards something great with complete confidence, you will never gain success. That day the disciples came to understand how an individual can spoil his life in absence of ignorance and intellect. Similarly, you can also come to know about your ignorance and rescue your life from melancholy. Experience the state of happiness through knowledge. Apart from Ramkrishna Paramhans, many other renowned personalities have described this term term ignorance beautifully.

Aadi Shankaracharyaji– “Soul seems to us limited due to the presence of our ignorance. However when this ignorance comes to an end then we come to know the real form of life and the soul. It is similar to the situation where we see Sun after clouds go away. 

Shakespeare- 'ignorance is darkness'.

Chanakya- 'There is no other enemy of a person unlike ignorant'.

Philospher Pleto- It is better not to take birth in this world instead of being ignorance as ignorance is the whole sole reason of all major problems of life. If you feel that you are very intellectual or erudite then you are pretty much capable than others, but still you stay aloof and unsatisfied and sad. There is no one in this world who has complete knowledge of everything or who does not require any learning from others. No person is an expert on all the subjects. At some point of time, we have to take help of others. Hence, eliminate this ignorance and increase the knowledge in your life and get freed from the melancholy in your life.

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