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About IP Foundation
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IP Foundation is an Organization of the people who believe in walking ahead for the wellbeing of the being, irrespective of Religion, Caste, Creed & Sex; beyond boundaries and not only confined to human races. We look forward for the better Outdoor, Indoor & Internal environment. For our goal we had been active since decades.



To uplift the community on all the aspects it takes to make the world a better future. From getting  the basic necessity for the destitute section of  our  society to organizing a national level anti diabetic campaign I.P foundation has always served for the amelioration of the society .we are not bound to a certain cause as a man can serve his/her  society in numerous ways and here at I.P foundation we believe the same.


Walk in gurgaon: IP Foundation second walk at gurgaon,Haryana to spread awareness on diabetes. The walk was scheduled at leisure valley gurgaon.


Walk in panchkula: a start to IP Foundation goal to conduct global diabetes walk. The walk took place at sector 5 panchkula.

-: Another achievemnt for IP Foundation:  school seminar at bhavan vidyalaya  in panchkula:-

To make people aware about diabetes is our prime motive and if we get the opportunity to make the youth of our nation aware then half of our task is done.
our representative showed a presentation on diabetes to the kids and interacted with them,made them aware about obesity(the primary cause of health problems)and cleared all their doubts about it. it was an interactive session with the kids and the school staff and we are looking forward for our next seminar so that we can create as much as possible awareness about diabetes and help eradicate it.


Annual Meeting – The annual meeting of IP Foundation was held. With increase in the number of volunteers in Haryana, especially in and around the city of Panchkula, it was decided that this year activities of the organisation would be focused in that region. This would enable the new volunteers to gain experience and learn organizational skills enabling them to lead activities in regions of Haryana, strengthening our cause to strive for good. The prime objectives of this year were sanitation and health.

Countering Diarrhea Epidemic

 22nd June – In the month of August, 2014, the residents of Sector – 19, Panchkula suffered from widespread diarrhea infection. Our trustee, Dr. Smita Misra, led our team to the dispensary of Sector – 19 to investigate this epidemic and ensure medicine and relief for the patients.

On arriving, the dispensary was inspected and it was discovered that the water sanitation within the dispensary itself was poor, and the facility lacked sanitation. Our volunteers distributed medication to patients on the scene and it was decided to set up a meeting with the DC of Panchkula.

Our Trustee, Dr. Smita Misra, and volunteer Abhishek Singh inspect the water tank meant for drinking water


3rd July – Abhaypur, a colony near Sector – 19, Panchkula, also became victim to the Diarrhea epidemic. Dr. Smita Misra led the team of volunteers to inspect the sanitation conditions of Abhaypur. The conditions discovered by us were very poor. We decided to call in the press, so as to ensure that the city and its authorities were made aware of these circumstances. We further spoke with the residents of Abhaypur. They shared their grievances with us and the youth readily joined our organization after realizing that it was us who had visited the Sector-19 dispensary last month. We promised the residents to arrange better conditions for them. Our volunteers engaged with the residents to clean the colony.

Condition of Abhaypur discovered by us



18th July - After repeated efforts, we were finally able to schedule a meeting with the DC of Panchkula. We informed him of the poor sanitation conditions as well as the lack in efforts of the authorities to counter it and the diarrhea epidemic. He was madeaware of the gross negligence of the dispensary in Sector – 19 where few of the diarrhea patients were being kept. Statements of the DC were taken in front of the media to ensure quick action to be taken by the government authorities to improve the sanitation conditions.



10th August – We were informed that the village of Barwala near Panchkula had been facing a housefly crisis for a very long time. House flies in a very large number were present there in the village. On arriving there and inquiring from the residents, it was discovered that the main cause for the house fly crisis were the poultry plants in close proximity to the village.

It was further discovered that despite of such a poor condition, the Health Department was not making any contribution.

Dr. Smita Misra promised the villagers to ensure better facilities and set on informing the Health Department.



25th October 2015: IP Foundation is launching a National Level Anti Diabetes Campaign - Fight Against Diabetes, with the vision to eradicate diabetes from the country. Our volunteers performed at Raahgiri on 25th October in Gurgaon to spread awareness on diabetes.


the crowd thoroughly enjoyed each and every part of the awareness programme.



5th November 2015: IP Foundation’s national level anti diabetes campaign – a fight against diabetes with the vision to eradicate diabetes from the country.  our representative went for a seminar at a school in panchkula so that we can make aware the future of our nation.  diabetes is rapidly grabbing the youth of our country and  to make them aware about diabetes is our major motive and responsibility.


Our representative had an interactive and knowledgeable session with the kids. And with the help of few examples we were successful in making them aware of what diabetes is and how they can prevent themselves from it.



A walk for the cause of diabetes **come join us**.

                                                          22nd - November in Panchkula.

                                                          29th - November in Gurgaon.




Come and volunteer with us at I.P foundation and not only will u get a knowledgeable experience but a certificate for serving the society.We make sure that your efforts are in right direction and reaches those in need.


November, 2015



With a nation like India, where struggle has been the highlight of its modern history, it is only natural for its people to strive for better. Better economy, better education, better hospitals, better food, a better life. All of this was put under the tag of 'development'; that as the nation would develop, everything would be better. And so everyone became supporters of development. But the pursuit of development has in some aspects worked against us.

While the individual strives for his own 'development' by trying to get better grades, a good job, maybe changing jobs to earn more to cope with the demands of the family with the fluctuating prices, health is very often overlooked. On a national level with schemes for the unemployed, international summits and sending spacecrafts to mars,

health schemes get a back seat.

And while everyone takes their eyes off the border between good health and ill health, the enemies advance. And we have been off guard for a very long time. A significant part of the population of our country is dealing with illnesses. And majority of these being cases which could have been avoided.

When the individual is unable to perform and the wealth is lost to recover the escaping vitality, it is development of the nation very well takes a backseat.

The most dangerous enemy is the one you don't see coming. And there has been a silent killer prevalent in the country often killing its victims without ever been caught. Aided by our lifestyle, its grip is tightening over the youth of our country, further endangering the prospect of a healthy nation.


In 2012, 1 million people died of diabetes in India. Children as young as 3 years old are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

All of this can change. While type 2 diabetes can be prevented by simply following a healthy routine, type 1 diabetes can be managed efficiently.

The key to counter diabetes is awareness and implementation of simple healthy habits.

IP Foundation Int. has started an anti diabetes campaign on a national level -

Fight Against Diabetes

We are going to schools, colleges, institutions and offices of India, equipping people to fight against diabetes by making them aware of what diabetes is, how it could enter your life without you coming to know and how easily it can be prevented. For those who have diabetes, we are creating support systems as well as spreading knowledge on how diabetes can be efficiently managed.

Our vision -  A diabetes free India

We would be really happy to help you.


December, 2015


India is home to over 61 million diabetic patients. Around 78, 000 children are developing type 1 diabetes every year. Diabetes is becoming the biggest epidemic of the 21st century. But why are we not able to control it when it is in our hands?

IP Foundation int. has taken this initiative to fight against diabetes and is constantly working on it so that we can nip diabetes in the bud itself.

Scope of work:

IP foundation int. is organizing a 2km walk in every city of India for three consecutive years to spread as much awareness as possible and with that we organize seminars in schools and colleges various public sites and offices to educate people about diabetes and its symptoms and preventions. So that we can move towards creating a healthy nation. From our data we have educated almost around 8500 people and the numbers are constantly increasing.

We have covered two cities- 22ND NOVEMBER 2015 in Panchkula and  29TH NOVEMBER 2015 in Gurgaon with a tremendous response from every one and to be a part of our next walk you can see the venue in our website .


Our vision - A diabetes free India


September, 2016

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